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Our Mouths are for Food... by Argent20 Our Mouths are for Food... :iconargent20:Argent20 4 0 FLUFFY by Argent20 FLUFFY :iconargent20:Argent20 5 1
Harmony in Pink
The warm afternoon sun streamed though the open windows. Flowing through the bullpen, the sunbeams tangled in Patrick Jane's golden hair and slid down his light gray vest to pool around him in a halo of warmth. Lisbon hesitated at her office door. Jane looked almost peaceful as he lay on his worn leather couch. His breathing came deeply and evenly, but the small grin tugging at the corners of his lips told Lisbon that he wasn't actually sleeping.
"Night Boss." Cho's quiet voice called her back to reality.
"Night Cho." Lisbon smiled. "Have a good weekend."
Glancing briefly at Jane, Cho raised an eyebrow at Lisbon making her grin. "You too." He murmured quietly as he slipped out of the bullpen. Turning back to the couch, Lisbon caught the smirk that Jane quickly hid beneath his feigned sleep. 'Oh! You are so not sleeping!' Lisbon thought as she slipped a pen out of her jeans pocket. Making sure nobody was looking, she lobbed it across the room, bouncing it neatly off Jane's shoulder.
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After Red
Jane stared at the ceiling searching for pictures in the indentations made in the plaster like a child looking at the clouds. Tears leaked steadily from his eyes. He had been silently crying for so long now that he had given up on trying to make it stop. Days could have passed and he wouldn't notice. Seconds or hours didn't matter anymore all that mattered was the pain in his chest and the slowly dripping tears.
How could I forget my family?  The pain of forgetting was almost equal now to the pain of loosing them. They had been his everything and he had so easily forgotten his everything. He shouldn't have been free from them this easily. Every moment of his waking life was a torment to him. He couldn't escape the guilt he felt over the death of his family and now it was worse because of the guilt over wanting to forget.
"It hurts." His voice croaked harshly from lack of use. Almost scaring him when he realized that he had spoken.
"I know." Patrick Jane closed his eyes tightl
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Odyssey Chapter 1
Her vision was blurry as she struggled to sit up. Where am I? Cherry blossoms floated on the air around her, delicate against the storm clouds. Her muscles ached as she pushed herself to her knees. Inches from her nose a wrought iron rose swam before her and her eyes grudgingly focused on an immense gate. Lightning flashed once, striking the top of the structure and charging it with a thousand sparks.
Beyond the first gate lies the path. The ghost of a memory hovered directly behind her eyes. An ancient rasping voice that she couldn't place anymore than she could tell you her name. The way will be blocked by those who wish us to fail. Beyond the first gate you are on your own.
Swaying the girl found her feet and wobbled back a step. She wasn't an idiot. Why would she risk the electric shock that surly waited her because she almost remembered something that may have been a dream. Reflexively sticking her hands in her pockets to ward off the chill from the brewing storm her fingers encou
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Athos by Argent20 Athos :iconargent20:Argent20 11 3
Barney Buddy
    Barney finally gave up sleeping. He rolled out of the bed and stumbled through his cold apartment, the heavy air sticking in his lungs like porridge left on the counter. He silently padded into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Empty. Stupid I should have known that. He always kept the fridge empty to make his apartment as unappealing as possible to his one night stands. Contenting himself with a simple glass of water, Barney flopped on the couch.
    I won't do it tonight. He tried to concentrate on something else, anything else, staring at the white ceiling for inspiration. I won't think about that this time. But it was hopeless. He knew he would give in eventually, he always did, may as well be sooner than later. With a sigh he returned to his bedroom. Plucking a small remote from his sock drawer he slid open the back and pushed a hidden button above the batteries. Silently the wall next to his headboard swung inward allowing him to quick
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Angels fall
Emma's heart pounded against her ribcage echoing the rhythm she could feel in Will's chest. Her palm, pressed over his heart, rose and fell with each breath he took. He was panting, that didn't make any sense.  He had been straightening his classroom when she had found him, and since then they had done nothing but talk. He had turned away from her and rather than let him leave Emma had reached out to stop him. What in that simple action had made them both react so strongly?
"Will." Emma didn't know what to say. The words she had planned so carefully before coming jammed in her throat choking her as her stomach tied itself in knots. "Will, I… Um… I…"
Will Schuester struggled with himself.   Her hand on his chest had wiped out all other conscious thought. He missed her so badly he couldn't put it into words. He laid awake most nights trying to put her out of his mind, but now all thoughts of weariness were gone. The only things he knew were the clo
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The Nightmare's Real
He sat alone in the darkness, the quietly ticking clock on the wall and his dark thoughts were his only companions in the long night. He had everything now. Every goal he had ever dreamed to accomplish was within his grasp. Every goal except for one and it had been the most important of them all.
He stared at the cold dead lens of his beloved camera. He had watched all his past recordings. Studying them for hours to see the transformation he had just endured. They brought him nothing but pain now. He shuddered at the hope that he had talked about. The girl he had mentioned in every transmission he had made. The hope was gone now. It had left him with a dark hole in his chest and a pain that refused to go away.
Penny was gone. Billy ran through those last few moments in his head for the thousandth time that night. If he had done things differently, if he had waited just a few more minutes maybe it would have turned out differently. "Captain Hammer will save us." Her dying words echoed i
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A single blood rose floated in the crystal clear river amongst the delicate pink cherry blossoms. Bobbing and spinning slowly with the current the rose forged it's lonely path. The smaller blossoms seemed to part around it, partly not wanting to impede it's journey but mostly unwilling to touch the foreign bloom.
"She lived her life that way." The man mumbled. Crystalline tears dripped down his ruddy cheeks to become part of the river.  His tears helped to swell the current and push the last remnant of her farther away. "She was a rose in a sea of cherry blossoms." Soon the red flower drifted around the bend in the stream leaving the man on the bridge utterly alone.
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Reflections of the Future
The tired moon hung lifeless in the sky as wispy clouds obscured its face. The night was darker than it should have been for this time of year. Almost as if the moon had given up lighting the landscape. "How oddly appropriate." The man thought as he stepped from the phone booth. "It shouldn't be too bright tonight." His long coat wreathed around his legs like a pet cat wanting milk as the man turned and locked the door to the box. That seen to, he started off into the night.
His hearts beat against his ribs when he finally found what he was looking for. A square fountain stood before him, while off to his right, the bowed shape of the Millennium Center rose from the basin. Nobody could see him now. He knew that much as he stood on the concrete block with the simple key hanging around his neck. "He won't have seen me. I could leave." But the Doctor knew that he couldn't go now. Not after what had happened. With a brief burst of blue light and a high pitched buzz, the sonic screwdriver c
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The Citadel was huge. It was the biggest place I had ever been in my scant 8 years of life, but I didn't care at the time. Silent tears coursed down my cheeks as I followed the strange men through the winding corridors. I would never get used to this. I just wanted to go home. Why couldn't I stay with my parents? My mother had cried when they took me away. My father told me he was proud. Proud of what? I didn't have a choice. They would have taken me anyway.
They opened the door and thrust me into my new room. Two plain white beds rested against opposite walls. One was already occupied. Another boy, he looked scared like me, sat curled into a ball on his pillow. His knees drawn up into his chest, head resting against his crossed arms as he stared at nothing. "Hi." I squeaked. He didn't acknowledge me, but I wasn't really expecting it. The men who had brought me here had vanished. I didn't know what was expected of me, so I curled up on my bed and stared at the other boy.
I must have fa
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Pain of Knowing
He was running again. His footsteps pounded relentlessly as his steady stride slowly ate mile after mile. He had long ago outstripped the enemy at his back. They would never find him and he knew it, but he kept running. Now he simply couldn't stop.
It's ending. He thought, his mind following the all too familiar path to the words he feared. Soon it will all be over. Soon I will only be a distant memory.
He knew. So many men like him had gone before. They had lived out their lives as they were meant to and all to soon they had changed. He could remember them all. Every hope, every dream, and every dying pain. He had died before, always reborn, never quite the same. He would be gone.
"Your song is ending sir." Those simple words spoken not long ago haunted his life. "He will knock four times." Four times. Four. The number resounded in him. His hearts beat faster. Thump-Thump-Thump-Thump. Each beat held a pattern of four. The cursed number. He pushed himself harder, counting his steps in
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Fading Grey
The stagnant air hung heavily in the city, making the night hot and static. Cardiff was sleeping. Few people were to be seen outside their cozy flats in the deepest part of the darkness before the sun would return. This was his least favorite time. The time of stillness. When every mortal creature turned uneasily in their beds. When even the humans could feel the encroaching shadows.
Inaction had never been his friend. This man, perched upon his lonely rooftop would always be part of the dark. He carried it with him; buried deeply in his soul, his hidden secret. The pause couldn't come without bringing the memories with it. The stillness called into the shadows within him and drew the night to the surface. Darkness gathered around the lonely angel like a tangible thing.
Captain Jack Harkness, guardian of Cardiff, sighed and shifted his weight. Despite the struggle to reign in his thoughts memories flashed through his mind:
The earth pressed on his body threatening to crush him. As he f
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The Feel of Midnight
"Oh, I how I wish that were true, but your eyes... they're saying something different...." The man crouched before the creature, his hearts pounding. He was frightened, more frightened than he had been in a long while, and he was alone. The people at his back wanted him thrown to his death with the creature that looked so human. He had made friends with them all, even this poor woman the creature had possessed, and now, at any moment they would turn on him.
The Doctor felt a strange presence brush his mind. Instantly erecting stone walls throughout his thoughts, the Timelord fought the monster as he had before. The thing had grown too strong over the brief time it had in the woman's shattered mind. The walls collapsed on themselves and a cold hand closed around the Doctor's mind. He was still talking, but he had no control over what was spilling from his lips, he had no control over anything.
"What are you?" He shouted loudly struggling wildly against the restraining presence in his br
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